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I'm Martina, An Expert at helping you create Beautiful, Functional Spaces that Flow

I want you to feel expansive in your spaces, not restricted.

An open and organized space brings a sense of calm. And calm brings ease and productivity.

Who doesn't want more of that?


I can help you upgrade your space to meet your day-to-day needs and work for you. I do this by first getting an understanding of who you are and how you want to feel in your home. Then, we create a strategy for you to clear what is holding you back, and a structure to keep things organized as you move forward. We can move furniture, choose new pieces, declutter, reimagine a room's shape and texture, or plan a remodel if you are feeling so inclined! 


Your space is a reflection of what is going on in and around you.

What is your space saying to you right now? 

The goal is to have more clarity and peace as you move through your spaces. And I'm not just talking about your physical space. Changing your external environment inevitably alters your internal environment too - transformations of all kinds are possible. 

Think of me as part designer, part counselor, and 110% space transformer.

Together we will get the job done and you will feel more aligned with your space and your self.


(Please note: all items no longer wanted or used will find new homes -

zero waste is always the goal.)


My Services

all sessions available virtually

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Happy Client Spaces


Martina did a closet rehab for me and I was blown away at the tremendous amount of value that added to my life. I never realized how stressed I got trying to find things in my closet until I just didn't have that stress anymore. 

 - Dan

Martina in action is a treat. She has such a discerning eye and great style. All her suggestions to improve my furniture flow issues were invaluable. My space feels so much bigger and more refined!

- Kristin

I don't know what I would have done without Martina helping me plan and prepare for my move. She is the support system everyone needs during their move process. I even hired her after to help create amazing flow in my new home! 

- Sofia 

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