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Many of us can agree we have too much stuff. We live in a consumer economy after all. But what if we chose to consume less and made more intentional decisions about how we spend our money and our time?


Giving something a second chance reduces waste and can get your creative juices flowing. You can breathe new life and function into old but beloved items. You may also repurpose, repair, or refill under this R.


This can be recycling in your bin on garbage day but also donating! To donate is a great way to send less to the landfill and give to those who may desperately need your stuff. Knowing your things are going to people who can use them makes decluttering easier!


You can often redeem the belongings you no longer want for money! I can help you learn how to use Facebook marketplace, NextDoor, Ebay etc. They are great ways to sell items that others may pay you for. Bonus: you can put the cash toward new projects or ideas! 

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