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Exclusive Services

Spotlight Session

Sometimes there is a space in your home you cannot quite figure out what to do with, or a corner you are at a loss with how to configure or style. Let's shine a spotlight on it so I can help you. 


If you send me a few photos of the space, I will evaluate what tweaks can be made to upgrade it.

Within 24 hours, you will receive:

- 5 suggestions on how to upgrade you spotlighted space

- examples images of what the space could look like

- curated list of links to 3-5 items you can purchase to improve the space (based on your budget)

Fully virtual over email.



Vision Session

Thinking of updating your home but not sure where to start? Want some ideas on how to transform it? I can go through various revitalization possibilities, whatever your budget and style. I will suggest types of organizational items or pieces of furniture that will instantly transform your home. I also suggest Feng Shui inspired enhancements, and make recommendations based on color and shape psychology, to positively influence your home and your life. We may even move some things on the spot!


After our session, which usually lasts about an hour, I will send you:

- a summary of what we discussed during our meeting

- pinterest/mood board for area(s) we brainstormed ideas for 

- list of items to improve the space (in whatever budget you choose)

Virtual or in person.



Room Redesign (Full or partial)

Furniture and decor needing to be refreshed? Have you just moved in and need help creating a space that reflects you? I will find and select furniture and decor items that will come together to feel like home. (Vision session is usually a first step in this process if you are not sure where to start.)

Virtual or in person.

Full room redesign fees starting at $2500


Remodel Consult

Planning to update your kitchen? Bathroom? Convert a garage into a ADU? We can look at the space and brainstorm ideas, both aesthetic and structural. If you are unsure about certain aspects or elements, I can create an idea board after we meet to help you find what feels right and will work best for you. My goal is for the space we create to be completely customized for you and your needs.

(A follow up to this meeting is usually going shopping together to look at different design elements and make decisions about your remodel.)


I am also happy to recommend an architect to draw up plans for your remodel, help get contractor bids, etc.  

Virtual or in person.



Storage Solutions

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your stuff and where to put it? Would you like help rethinking how and where you store your belongings? Maximize the storage you have? Create systems to promote ease and flow in your home? This is one of my favorite home challenges to tackle and I have a lot of fun doing it. Let's create more space in your home and I guarantee it will change your life.

Virtual or in person.

price determined by project

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