"Martina swooped into my closet and made sensible suggestions to convert my formal Chicago professional wear to have a more casual west coast office vibe, all with items I already owned! She works with such amazing ease and efficiency. I completely trusted Martina to accomplish my style goals and point me in a direction sure to receive the right attention. With years of experience and a portfolio aimed at improvement, she is a driven woman aiming to make you, your project or your most prized creation a success. Martina's discerning eye and her ability to strengthen one's sense of self make hiring her a great investment."


Age: 37

Challenge: Building a brand

Service: Variety 

"I hired Martina for website help, and soon, I was booking her for each of her services.  As someone who works freelance, I am my brand.  Because my brand image is something very important, as well as personal to me, it was difficult for me to view the project objectively and figure out the best way to present myself in promotional materials.  Martina was able to help me discover an appropriate branding umbrella to bring all my freelance offerings together in one place, which simplified my life immensely, and she was able to help shape the style and layout in a way that made me feel more confident presenting my professional self publicly.  Rather than just applying her own style, she interviewed me to discover what I wanted to create and then made it happen much sooner than I would have been able to do on my own. I did also have her do a closet reorg and was pretty blown away what a value that turned out to be. I never realized how stressed I got trying to find things in my closet until I just didn't have that stress anymore; I only half-jokingly tell my friends it was like a mini exorcism."


Age: 45

Challenge: Recreating professional identity in the midst of life transition

Service: Style & Career Exploration 

"Being a mom and wanting to start my own business meant making a lot of decisions I couldn't quite get to without some expert help. Martina was my savior. She helped me organize my ideas, come up with amazing ways of managing a business and my life, and upgraded my wardrobe so I could feel good in my body while presenting myself as the entrepreneur I am. I have my next session already schedule for building my online identity!"

*all sessions are booked in Pacific Standard Time (PST)*
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